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Superior Durability: Silicone Hoses
from Moreland Hose

Moreland Hose offers a comprehensive range of high-grade Silicone hoses, which far surpass regular rubber hoses in durability and performance. With an extraordinary temperature tolerance of -65F to +350F, they resist hardening, cracking, and damage from sunlight, moisture, steam, dust, and many chemicals.

Silicone hoses offer easy installation, outperforming rigid pipes by resisting corrosion and cracking while absorbing engine movement and vibrations. Despite their robustness, they remain flexible and deliver a long service life, providing excellent value for any high-performance application.

Remember to use appropriate clamps for Silicone hoses as standard gear drive slotted clamps can cut through the softer silicone material. Equip your system with the right accessories to ensure optimal hose performance and longevity.


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