Fire Hydrants Hose

Hydrant adapters are available in 2 ½” NST thread as well as New York Corp (NYC) and New York Fire Dept. Thread (NYFD).  Once threaded on to the hydrant, we offer connections to garden hose thread as well as pipe thread from ¾” up to 3”.

Contractors Water Hose

Contractors water hose:   When a residential type garden hose just wont cut it, upgrading to a heavy contractors water hose will increase the life span of your hose assembly.  We can make any length you require to get the job done.  Stocked in numerous sizes and lengths of up to 600 feet, we will […]

Garden Hose Female End

Garden Hose Female End: We stock only high quality, heavy duty, American Made garden hose fittings. Available with male and female threads and hose barbs in 3/8” thru 1”. We also stock garden hose adapters to male and female pipe thread.

Garden Hose Quick Connect

Garden Hose Quick Connect: Quick disconnects are very handy when you want to change your nozzle or disconnect your hose quickly, easily, and without tools. Featuring an easy push-pull ring for long lasting and quick hose attachments, using these will make life easier and reduce the time needed to get the job done.

Marine Camper Hose

Marine Camper Hose:  A great hose to use on your boat, camper, or patio.  This lightweight hose is made of FDA approved materials for uses including drinking water and water to cook with.  The white cover will not mark your boat, camper., or patio the way a black rubber hose will.

Soft and Supple Garden Hose

Soft and supple garden hose: The perfect garden hose for residential use. Made out of a heavy duty flexible vinyl, the Soft and Supple hose is kink resistant and has a soft textured abrasion resistant cover.

Garden Hose Nozzles

Garden hose nozzles are available in a trigger style and a twist style offering adjustable spray. Also available are tapered, non-adjustable nozzles.