Performance Hoses

Whether you are looking for a braided stainless steel, socketless, or lightweight high performance hose for your car, Eaton Aeroquip has the right hose for your application. Aeroquip’s performance line of hoses have many features that make Aeroquip better than the competition. This starts with the fact that Aeroquip is the ONLY manufacturer that makes […]

Socketless Performance Fittings

Socketless® fittings are made to be used with Aeroquip Socketless® hose. A wonderfully simple design, Socketless® fittings are easily assembled and disassembled without the need for a wrench. All configurations are available in Aluminum with select configurations available in brass and steel. Note: Never use a clamp when using the Socketless® hose and fittings.

AQP® High Pressure Hose Fittings

These fittings will fit the AQP® High Pressure Hose as well as any SAE 100R5 dimensional hose. Available in straight, 45*, and 90* male and female with AN, inverted flare, and pipe thread.

AQP® Racing Hose

Made in the USA, AQP® Racing hose has been the most popular racing hose for over 60 years. AQP® Racing hose is compatible with petroleum and synthetic lubricants, hydrocarbon fuels, and liquid engine coolants. It operates at higher temperatures for longer periods. Light and flexible, it is easy to work with, and its stainless steel […]

AQP® High Pressure Hose

AQP® High Pressure Hose is ideal for power steering, hydraulics, fuel, and lubricating oil applications. It has a blue abrasion resistant fabric cover and an AQP® synthetic rubber inner tube. It uses standard steel and brass 100R5 reusable fittings. Applications: Power steering lines, hydraulics, air, gasoline, fuel and lubricating oils, over-the-wall air tools and DOT-approved […]

StreetLite Racing Hose

With the same AQP inner tube as the stainless braided hose, Startlite remains compatible with petroleum and synthetic lubricants, hydrocarbon fuels and liquid engine coolants, and operates at higher temperatures for long work periods. Match Startlite Racing Hose to Aeroquip’s wide range of aluminum crimp and reusable fittings for a leak free fit. Featuring a […]