Enerpac QD 10,000 psi

Enerpac QD 10,000 psi: Thread together quick disconnect is designed for high pressure applications up to 10,000 psi. Commonly used on hydraulic jacks, portable hydraulic ram, and emergency rescue equipment. Interchanges with: Parker/Pioneer 3000 series Enerpac C604 Stucchi IVHP Hansen ES56000 Snap-Tite 76 Series Dixon T series

5600 Series ISO7241-1 A Interchange

One of the most common hydraulic quick disconnects, this quick disconnect is found on all kinds of construction, agricultural, and snow plow/maintenance vehicles. Interchanges with: Eaton Aeroquip FD56 (5600) series Parker 6600 series Faster ANV series Dixon K series

FF Series ISO 16028

ISO16028 Flat Face(flush face) quick disconnects are specifically designed for those applications where quick and easy connects with no-spill performance are essential. Standard equipment on many skid steers, these quick disconnects are available ¼” thru 2” in steel or Stainless steel Interchanges with: Aeroquip FD49 and FD89 series Eaton Hansen FF Series Parker FEM series […]

HK Series ISO7241-1 B Interchange

Commonly found in all sorts of medium-high pressure hydraulic applications as well as in brass on high pressure carpet cleaning equipment. Stocked in Steel, Brass, and Stainless Steel. Interchanges with: Aeroquip FD45 series Eaton Hansen HK series Dixon H series Parker 60 Series Snap-Tite 72 series

LP Natural Gas

LP Natural Gas: Most commonly used on RV’s, generators and Barbecues, or any low pressure liquid propane(LP) or natural gas connection. The coupler features an automatic shut off when the plug is removed. Interchanges with: Eaton Gas-Mate and Gas-Flo.