Ducting/Blower Hose

Ducting/Blower hose, featuring a steel helix, is ideal for lightweight abrasives such as sawdust, grass clippings, and street refuse. Also commonly found in 4″ diameter on jet-skis. Highly flexible! Stocked in 2″ thru 12″ diameters.

Danfoss Industrial Hose

Eaton offers Industrial Hose for a wide variety of markets and applications. End Markets include Construction, Chemical plants, Mining, Oil and Gas, Mills, Food and Beverage including FDA approved hoses, Tank truck, and the Petrochemical industries. Industrial Hose can be used in a variety of applications including: Air transfer, cement transfer, chemical transfer, food transfer, […]

Fuel Oil Delivery Hose

Designed for the delivery and transfer of fuels, oils, commercial gasoline, diesel, kerosene, and related petroleum-based products for home delivery, marine, commercial and industrial service. It features an NBR/PVC cover with multiple spiral polyester reinforcement. This unique spiral construction adds strength and flexibility to the hose while making it easy to handle and kink resistant. […]

Heavy Rubber Water Hose

Featuring a heavy wall and all rubber construction, this reinforced water hose is sturdy enough to handle the toughest water transfer applications. Stocked in 1/4″ thru 2″ diameter, this 200 psi hose is the ideal hose for work sites or anywhere a heavy rubber water hose is required.

Jackhammer Air Hose Assembly

One of the most common hose assemblies we sell, 250psi or 300 psi, 3/4″ diameter air hoses, 50 ft. long with Chicago/universal/crows foot fittings attached. We can also custom-make any length required for your job.

Twin Welding Hose

Our twin welding hose has a specially designed cover with multi-ventilated pores that enhance welder safety by dispersing permeating gases. Exceeding the requirements of the RMA and Compressed Gas Association. These hoses are manufactured with a 4-1 safety factor for your ultimate safety and piece of mind. Stocked in 1/4″ 25ft and 50 ft. lengths.

Discharge Hoses

Featuring a smooth tube, and polyester spiral reinforcement, this vinyl lay-flat style discharge hose is ideal for drip irrigation, open end water discharge, and any low pressure water applications. Often used when emptying your pool or discharging water from a flooded area. We stock this hose in 300 ft. lengths and will happily cut you […]

Suction Hose

Suction hoses help transfer oil, water, mud, etc. Available in clear PVC, green and black composite, or all rubber, we will have just the right hose for your application. Suction hose is stocked in 3/4″ thru 8″. Please mention what will be going through the hose so we can ensure you get the proper hose […]