Steel Hose Reels

Also called zip ties, these are used in all sorts of applications.  In the world of hose and fittings they can be used to support a hose over a long run, they can secure the protective sleeve at both ends of the hose, or any number of other applications.  We stock only Made in USA […]

Ball Valve

Brass ball valves work at  600 psi in 1/4″ thru 2″, and work at 400 psi in 3″ and 4″ sizes.  Brass ball valves are stocked up to 4″ in both locations.   High pressure steel ball valves are also stocked in both locations in 1/4″ thru 1 1/4″.  The high pressure steel ball valves work at […]

Fuel Nozzles

Fuel Nozzles are stocked in 3/4″ and 1″ pipe thread sizes.   We offer a basic nozzle as well as ones with Automatic shut offs and rubber boots.  Please specify gasoline or Diesel as the nozzles are different for each.

Grease Fittings

Grease fittings are commonly found on moving parts of equipment.  Proper greasing will prevent excess wear and tear.  Grease fittings are available in multiple standard and metric thread sizes, as well as straight, 45*, and 90* configurations.  In addition to the fittings, we also have grease cartridges and grease guns. 

Hose Accessories

Hoses fail for a variety of reasons, but the #1 reason is abrasion.  Abrasion wears away the protective cover of a hose and exposes the wire or textile reinforcement that allows the hose to take the pressure.  Once the cover wears away and the reinforcement is exposed, it is just a matter of time before […]

Hose Sleeves

One way to neatly run multiple hoses is by encasing them in a hose sleeve.  This makes it easier to deal with several hoses that run side-by-side.   Hose sleeves also provide abrasion resistance to being dragged around.  The number 1 reason that hose fails is abrasion.  Once the cover has been rubbed away, it is only a […]

King Safety Cable (whipcheck)

Also called a whipcheck, this is a safety item that OSHA requires on all pneumatic hose connections.   When used properly, a safety cable will prevent the hose from whipping around and hurting someone or something if a hose becomes accidentally disconnected.  Please note that different sized safety cables are recommended based on the size of […]

O-Ring Kit

O-rings are commonly found in hydraulic and pneumatic applications.   Often times a leak is the result of a worn out or damaged o-ring.  We stock metric and American o-ring kits as well as a selection of flange, o-ring boss, o-ring face, O-rings as well as Caterpillar equivalent D-rings individually.

Pressure Gauges

Pressure gauges are vital to any hydraulic or pneumatic machine.  We stock liquid filled as well as dry, utility gauges.  They have a 2 1/2″ face and come with 1/4″ NPT male threads either on the bottom or the back of the gauge depending on how you need to mount it.   We stock from a 0-15 […]

Hydraulic Swivel Joints

Hose reels make life easier and safer when handling a long hose, cable, or cord.  This allows for your hoses, cables, and cords to last up to five time longer by reducing the chances of tripping, wearing, and leaking.   Reelcraft manufactures their reels in the USA out of high strength steel, durable and corrosion resistant powder […]